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Providing Rabbit Delivery services to users, stores, representatives and customers requires collecting and processing some data about them for the purposes described in this policy

· The “Rabbit Delivery” website seeks to maintain the privacy of your personal data and we comply with all applicable provisions in the Kingdom regarding the protection of personal data. We have drafted this policy “Privacy Policy” to explain to you what data is collected about you, and the purposes for which it is collected. Use this data.

The term data refers to all data related to the users of the “Rabbit Delivery” website, which includes their name, address, contact information, and any other data that may identify the user, as well as other data related to the user’s activities through the website and data related to the devices used in the process of accessing the site. · This policy (“Privacy Policy”) applies to the site, all services provided through it, and all other services or applications affiliated with us that participate with us in providing services.

Customer data

We collect the data that the online store/representative provides to us to register his account on the site
The online store/delegate provides us with his account data at his own risk, and if he provides us with incorrect, out of date, or third-party data, we will delete it immediately.
Stores provide us with some data about customers, such as the customer’s name, address, city and neighborhood in which he wishes to receive the shipment, and his contact information. Stores also provide us with the shipment data to be delivered, such as product data, such as their type and description, and the store uploads this data through the site for the purposes of processing it by Rabbit Delivery so that it can send representatives to receive the products from the store to deliver them to the customer.
Rabbit Delivery provides representatives who provide product delivery services with some data about customers, such as the location specified by the customer, which includes the detailed address, as well as the customer’s contact information that the online store provided us with. This data is provided to representatives for the purposes of delivering and delivery of products
Stores guarantee that they have obtained all authorizations and approvals from the customer to provide us with his data for the purposes of delivering and delivery of products. Therefore, the store’s terms and policies must include explicit consent from customers to provide us with data, and stores are fully responsible for the validity of these approvals and ensuring that the customer is aware of them.
Rabbit Delivery uses customer data at the responsibility of the online store that provided it to us, and the period of the license to use customer data must not be less than the period necessary to deliver the products, and this license is limited to this period. Rabbit Delivery does not use customer data for any purposes other than delivery and delivery of products.
Rabbit Delivery does not sell, trade, or exploit any of the customer’s data in any way that violates applicable regulations, and use is limited to product delivery operations and communication with the customer to implement them, or use them for direct or indirect marketing purposes.

Contact Data

The online store and the representative provide us with their contact numbers and information during the registration process on the site. This data is only available to the site administration, and the site will contact the data subject at any time for the purposes of managing the services.
We can communicate with customers during the agreed upon delivery period to determine the location and enable the customer to track the order until the order is received from the representative.
We collect the data that you provide to us while communicating with us to inquire about any of our services or problems in order to address them and ensure the smooth functioning of work.

financial reports

Rabbit Delivery prepares periodic financial reports to calculate all dues and financial rights of the parties (Rabbit Delivery, the store, the representative), and the online store and the representative are provided with all of its financial reports, which include all transactions that took place during the financial accounting period.
Financial reporting data is collected for the purposes of settling receivables and delivering and receiving funds to the parties.
Dues are paid and received through electronic payment methods or bank transfers to the bank accounts of each party.
Each party has the right to process financial reports for the purposes of verifying receivables and their reconciliation with transactions completed during the financial accounting period.

third party

We may provide services to third parties, whether they are contracted with us or not contracted with us, such as social networking sites, electronic payment services, and other services of independent third parties that are not affiliated with us. These parties apply their own privacy policies and cookie policies, and therefore the site has no control over them. The user must review it before accessing third-party services through our platform
If you use the services of the “Rabbit Delivery” website with the services of other parties, we may receive from these parties some data about you, such as data about the referral process to our site, which is technical data that does not reveal your identity.
Data collection purposes
To register your account on the site, so you can use our services.
To enable you to make payments for the amounts owed to you, or to deliver to you your dues in accordance with the settlement of the financial reports prepared by the server.
For the purposes of receiving products from the online store’s warehouses and delivering them to the distribution centers to begin delivering them to customers.
For the purposes of delivering products to customers and communicating with the customer to enable him to track the order and determine the delivery location.
To communicate with you about any obstacles encountered in providing services to you through the Site or to enable you to evaluate the services you receive.
To enable you to contact us and provide responses to inquiries you have submitted to us through the Site.
For statistical and internal site business purposes.
For the purposes of implementing the law or decisions of public authority.

Limits on disclosure of your data

We disclose your data to our site partners, employees, and representatives for the purposes of implementing Rabbit Delivery services.

We share the customer data provided through the site with the representative who will deliver the orders to the customer.

We disclose your data to comply with the provisions of the law and to implement judicial rulings and decisions of the competent authorities in the Kingdom.

We may disclose your data to entities that partner with us to provide services, such as electronic payment entities, for the purposes of verifying the validity of these operations.

Data storage

We store all your data on fully protected and secured servers to protect your data from any hacking or piracy process. Storing your data may require transferring it outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia if the site uses an external hosting service provider.

Responsibility for providing data

The user acknowledges that he provides data through the “Rabbit Delivery” website at his own risk, and that the “Rabbit Delivery” website does not control the data that the user provides to other parties directly, but rather controls the data that is provided to us exclusively.

In order to preserve customer data, the site undertakes not to disclose any personal information to customers except that necessary to implement the service, which is done through our representatives or independents who provide services under contract with us.

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