Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms explain Rabbit Delivery’s responsibility for any case of loss, damage, delay, wrong delivery, or non-delivery that occurs to the shipment during its transportation and requires the submission of a claim notice by the customer within a specific period described in these terms. The customer must read these terms carefully and must To request insurance cover for the shipment if it is of high financial value.


A-        These conditions apply to transporting shipments between stations using the services provided by (Rabbit Delivery) (if and where available). These services may be modified from time to time by (Rabbit Delivery) according to the areas served by (Rabbit Delivery). B –     In the event that there is a contradiction between Rabbit Delivery’s terms of transportation and the terms and conditions contained in the air waybill, manifest, shipping card, or other transit documents, these terms shall govern, prevail and apply to the customer. C –     These Terms supersede, exclude and prefer any other oral and/or written terms and conditions, wherever they appear or are conducted, or any terms or conditions that the Customer seeks to enter or any written and/or oral statements relating to these Terms.


“Rabbit Delivery”: means the Rabbit Parcel Transport Corporation, its branches, representatives and agents. “Shipment”: means a piece or group of pieces, whether packages or shipments transported under a single bill of lading. “Customer”: means every natural or legal person who sends the shipment and pays its fees to Rabbit Delivery.

Rejected shipments

(Rabbit Delivery) reserves the right to refuse, stop, cancel, postpone or return any shipment at any time if it is likely to cause damage or delay to shipments, goods or other persons or if its transportation is prohibited by law or if it is in violation of these terms. Rabbit Delivery’s acceptance of a specific shipment does not mean that this shipment is compliant with applicable laws or regulations or that it conforms to current conditions. Items not accepted for transport The following materials are not accepted for transportation: legally prohibited materials, liquid materials, foodstuffs, detergents or disinfectants, flammable materials. Dispatch and delivery (Rabbit Delivery) reserves the right to send the shipment in any way it deems appropriate. Shipments are delivered according to the address indicated by the customer, and the shipment does not need to be delivered to the recipient personally, as it can be delivered to a person other than the person or entity whose name appears on the bill of lading and who has clear authority to accept the shipment in the recipient’s name on his behalf. Delivery may be made to a third party, to a letterbox, or to any other location accessible to the recipient. Shipments cannot be delivered to PO Box addresses. Undeliverable shipments (Rabbit Delivery) is not obligated to deliver shipments: –          If the recipient’s address is incomplete or incorrect, or cannot be found. –          If the shipment is likely to cause damage to other goods, delay it, or cause injury to people. –          If the contents of the shipment or its packaging are damaged to the extent that they cannot be re-wrapped and re-packed. –          If delivery is impossible due to the unavailability of the appropriate person, refusal to receive the shipment, or refusal to sign the shipment receipt statement. No guarantees Except as clearly stated in these terms, (Rabbit Delivery) does not provide any other clear or implied guarantees. Claims and compensation a. All requests associated with delay, damage (partial or complete damage), shortage, loss or mis-delivery must be submitted by the Sender within 24 hours of receiving the shipment. b. Rabbit Delivery must be informed of all claims related to damage (visible or hidden) within 24 hours after the shipment is delivered, provided that the existence of damage is acknowledged in the delivery report while the customer receives the shipment. c. The customer can submit the claim through any Rabbit Delivery available customer support channels. d. All claims processing by Rabbit Delivery requires 3 to 5 business days to process unless the investigation requires further action. e. As mentioned, and without prejudice to the declared value and limits of liability clause in these terms and conditions, if the shipment is not subject to insurance, the limits of Rabbit Delivery’s liability are a maximum of 100 Saudi riyals or the value of transportation (whichever is less). f. In the event that the customer pays additional amounts that are not due through one of the Rabbit Delivery service channels, the money will be returned within a period not exceeding (15) working days from the date of discovering the defect. Governing law and approved language These terms do not exclude any liability where the exclusion of such liability is prohibited by law, and the invalidity or invalidity of any term shall not affect the other parts of these terms. The text in Arabic is considered the approved text in interpreting these conditions. Abandoned, abandoned or returned shipments If the shipment cannot be delivered for any reason (inability to communicate with the customer, lack of response from the customer, refusal to receive, failure of the customer to give receipt instructions, or the customer neglects to receive it), then Delivery has the right, at its sole discretion, to return the shipment to the sender; or the status of the shipment; Or dispose of the shipment or take any other action to serve its interest. The customer must also pay the return fees or any additional fees in cases where the shipment is returned to him due to the inability to deliver it (for example, but not limited to) due to: the customer’s failure to pay any fees. It is required on the shipment, the customer refused to receive it, it was rejected by government agencies, the address is incorrect, in addition to that Rabbit Delivery has the right to reserve the shipment and not deliver it if it entails sums of money, whether return fees or otherwise, and the customer has no right to demand proof of delivery of the shipment after Three months have passed from the date of the visit
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